About Us

Weimar Institute exists to help our students gain one thing. That one thing is the foundation of all true education and of all true service. It is the only real safeguard against temptation. It is the only thing that can make us like God in character. It is A Knowledge of God.*

Weimar Institute was founded to impart a knowledge of God to its students. In order to do this, we embrace the principle that God offers the best, most effective methods of education, and that only by following these methods can we be sure of imparting true education to our students. We have synthesized our understanding of the principles of true education into what we call the Core Competencies, which together form the acronym HEAL.

Health and Wellness

Our bodies are the temple of God. Practicing the principles of good health ourselves helps us learn and think clearly, and enables us to communicate with God. We also seek to impart our knowledge of health to others. We firmly believe that health is the entering wedge of the gospel and so we have made health evangelism a major component of our program.


Time is short. It will take an army to finish all the work that needs to be done before Jesus can return. We are helping to train that army, and training begins now. From the first time you enter the doors of Weimar Institute, you will be surrounded by an environment that’s alive with a passion for evangelism.

Academic Excellence

God calls us to excellence in all our endeavors. At Weimar Institute, our carefully chosen faculty will push you to expand your mind more than you thought possible. They will teach you how to reason on your own and think creatively. Our motivating purpose is to give you a thorough preparation that will enable you to render a life of excellent service to God.

Labour and Service

Much of modern education focuses on lectures and theory. While some of this is necessary, we prefer a hands-on approach as much as possible. We believe that relevance isn’t taught in a book. The most important things you will learn at Weimar Institute are not taught, they are experienced.


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These principles guide everything that we do at Weimar Institute. This is not to say that we have discovered the breadth and height of true education. Rather, we are on a journey, a process by which we are constantly seeking a fuller understanding of what it means to restore the image of God in humanity. If this is a journey that you want to embark on, we invite you to travel with us as together we discover The Real Thing.

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*(Ministry of Healing page 409)