Faculty Directory


Dr. Neil Nedley
President of Weimar Institute; Professor of Health Sciences

George Araya


Dr. George Araya
VP of Academic Affairs


Erica Kinjo

Maryann Krueger
 Library Manager

Margaret Gallant
Student Success Coordinator

Rodolfo Ramírez
Director of Student Services

Wanda Swensen
Director of Enrollment Management


Sally Hess
Student Finance Advisor

Vasily Osadchuck
Men’s Dean

Dora Hunter
Ladies Dean

General Education

Dr. Karl Wilcox
Director of General Education

John Peacock
General Education Committee Chair

Erwin Nanasi
Faculty in General Education

Dr. Eddie Ramirez
Faculty in General Education

Melissa Garcia
Faculty in General Education

Mariko Kinjo
Faculty in General Education

Andrés Mendoza
Faculty in General Education

Darren Greenfield
Adjunct Faculty in General Education


Dr. Lenora Follett
Chair of Nursing Department

Dr. Phyllis Collins
Faculty in Nursing Department

Cheryl Guarin
Faculty in Nursing Department

Alma Esparagoza
Faculty in Nursing Department

Bonnie Hoewing
Faculty in Nursing Department

Health Science

Dr. Christina Harris
Director of Assessment & Institutional Research, Chair of Health Sciences

Dr. Berquin Feese
Assistant Director of Assessment & Institutional Research, Faculty in Health Sciences

Dr. Ron Celestine
Diversity Committee Chair, Faculty in Health Sciences

Dr. Masato Mark Kinjo
Faculty in Health Sciences

John Peacock
Faculty in Health Sciences

Roger Gallant

Dr. Roger Gallant
Adjunct Faculty in Health Sciences

Education Department
George Araya

Dr. George Araya
Chair of Education

Carolyn Ramirez
Adjunct Faculty in Education

Religion Department

Don Mackintosh
Chair of Religion, Director of HEALTH, Campus Chaplain

Dr. Dojcin Zivadinovic
Faculty in Religion

Phodidas Ndamyumugabe
Faculty in Religion

Business Department

Dr. Dillon Flannery
Business Chair

Julie Farmer
Business Faculty

Carolyn Haisler
Adjunct Faculty in Business

Russell Mallott
Adjunct Faculty in Business

MA Counseling Psychology and Wellness Faculty

Dr. Robert Egbert
MA Counseling Psychology Program Chair

Pr. Don Mackintosh
MA Counseling Psychology Faculty

Krystin Henley
MA Counseling Psychology Faculty

Dr. Dana Philossaint

Dr. Dana Philossaint
MA Counseling Psychology Practicum Supervisor

HEALTH Department

Nicole Ramos
HEALTH Secretary

Henry Escamilla
Faculty in HEALTH

Esther Juarez
Faculty in HEALTH

Julie  Glass
Faculty in HEALTH

Christian Interdisciplinary Studies

Melissa Garcia

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Campus life at Weimar University offers a unique blend of spiritual fellowship, academic camaraderie, and opportunities for personal growth. You’ll be blessed by classes anchored in God’s Word and teachers who care about your spiritual growth. You’ll enjoy outings with godly friends to the nearby rivers or ski resorts.

You’ll form life-long friendships while you relish delicious, healthy food in the cafeteria. You’ll work alongside teachers and work supervisors dedicated to helping you develop practical skills you can use throughout life. We invite you to come and experience what campus life can be when Christ is the center and everything revolves around Him.

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We offer BA degrees in Religion, Natural Science (i.e., pre-med, pre-physical therapy, pre-physician’s assistant, pre-dental), Pre-Nursing/Nursing, Christian Education, General Studies, Christian Interdisciplinary studies, and Business. In addition, we now offer MA degrees in Counseling Psychology & Wellness, and in Biblical Mission & Wellness. We believe education must be relevant and practical. Our students graduate not just with the required knowledge, but with the ability to use that knowledge meaningfully in their life work. It is our prayer that, through each class, our students will deepen their relationship with God and be prepared to serve Him.

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Weimar University offers students the opportunity to gain the advantages of a distinctively Seventh-day Adventist higher education experience without breaking the bank. Nearly 57% of our students incur zero debt and over 71% graduate with under $2000 of debt!

Intentional spirituality, stellar academics, and a strong emphasis on health and practical training are each a characteristic part of us. Our low debt rates make it possible for you to become a part of us too.

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The nonprofit health and education ministry of Weimar University, Weimar Academy, and the renowned NEWSTART® Lifestyle Program, blesses thousands every year both physically and spiritually. By giving a tax-deductible gift today, you will help provide Weimar University with new opportunities to heal and coach those in physical and spiritual need. Your gift will help others accept the gift of Christ’s healing and salvation. Thank you for your gift and for your continued partnership.

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Why Study Here?

Weimar University was founded to impart a knowledge of God to its students. In order to do this, we embrace the principle that God offers the best, most effective methods of education, and that only by following these methods can we be sure of imparting true education to our students.

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