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Registrar’s Office

Welcome to the Registrar’s Office! We are here to serve your needs in the area of academic records, transcripts, registration, scheduling, and more. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with your academic related questions or concerns.

Grade Change Appeal

A student who wishes to appeal a grade must first discuss the matter with the instructor of record. Grade Appeals must be made within one academic semester of the course in question.

Instructor of record will refer students to the Records Office to complete a Change of Grade Form.

The approval/denial of the grade appeal is final. Once the Grade Change Form is completed, the Registrar will send a written response to the student within 14 business days regarding the outcome.

If a student believes that the instructor has assigned a grade that was arbi- trary, prejudiced, or unfair, they should refer to the academic grievance policy (in the Student Handbook).

Transcript Requests

To request a transcript, please complete the Transcript Request Form at the link here.

  • The form can be faxed, emailed, or mailed to the Registrar’s Office. (See contact information above.)
  • The cost is $10.00 per transcript by regular shipping for both domestic and international mailing. Delivery time varies by destination. If you request an express shipping, there will be an additional cost. (See the Transcript Request Form for the details.)
  • Payments can be made via credit card, check, or cash. You can call the Registrar’s Office to pay by credit card, send the check by mail, or stop by our office to pay in cash.
  • Per institute policy, official transcripts cannot be released until the student’s account is paid in full.

Change in Enrollment

For current students: to add or drop a course, or to change to an audit or credit, please fill out the form here and submit to the College Office or Registrar’s Office.

Course Schedule

The schedule for the Fall 2019 semester is available here.

Academic Calendar

FALL 2019

New Student Dorm Move-InAugust 14

New Student OrientationAugust 15-16

First Day of Classes August 19

Late Registration Fee Applies August 20

Week of Spiritual Emphasis August 19-24

Last Day to Register August 27

Last Day to Add, Withdraw, or Change to Audit without Charge August 27

Change in Course Enrollment Fee Applies August 28

Midterms WeekOctober 7-11

Midterm Grades Due October 16

Friday Schedule on ThursdayOctober 31

Fall R&R October 31 – November 3

Last Day to Withdraw with “W” or AuditOctober 30

Colloquium Weekend November 8-10

Thanksgiving Break November 24- December 1

Last Day of Classes December 9

FinalsDecember 10-12

Final Grades DueDecember 20


New Student Dorm Move-In & OrientationJanuary 5

First Day of Classes January 6

Late Registration Fee Applies January 7

Week of Spiritual Emphasis January 6-11

Last Day to Register January 13

Last Day to Add, Withdraw, or Change to Audit without Charge January 13

Change in Course Enrollment Fee Applies January 14

Midterms WeekFebruary 24-28

Spring Break March 1-8

Midterm Grades Due March 4

Last Day to Withdraw with “W” or AuditMarch 18

Colloquium Weekend March 27-29

Friday Schedule on ThursdayApril 2

Spring R&R April 2-5

Last Day of Classes April 27

FinalsApril 28-30

Graduation WeekendMay 1-3

Final Grades DueMay 13


International Mission TripMay 4-17

First Day of Classes May 18

Late Registration Fee Applies May 19

Last Day to Register for Summer Courses May 26

Credit Hour Policy

Weimar Institute recognizes one semester credit hour of didactic instruction, marking student achievement through intended learning outcomes and verified by tangible evidence of student learning, as 3 hours of work per week over a fifteen week academic semester, totaling 45 hours per semester.

A 3 credit class is scheduled to meet 3 hours (150 minutes) per week for a total of 15 weeks. In addition, the expectation for students is to work (study, read, develop class deliverables, etc.) outside of class 6 hours per week. The balance of in-class and out-of-class work may be adjusted to best suit learning objectives.

One semester credit hour of practicum represents 45 hours of laboratory, practicum, or observation experience.

Weimar Institute operated on the quarter system until the summer of 2008. Since the fall of 2008 it has operated on the semester system.

Transfer of Credits Policy

Weimar Institute accepts transfer credits when the following criteria are met:

Official transcripts are submitted directly from each college attended
The credits presented for transfer are for college level courses in which the student has earned a grade of C or higher
All completed credits come directly from regionally accredited institutions
Generally, students will be granted credit for baccalaureate level courses successfully completed at regionally accredited colleges. Faculty in conjunction with the registrar will determine course equivalencies through a variety of criteria, including but not limited to, course titles, descriptions, and/or course syllabi.

Not all transfer credit may be applied as a course equivalency directly to a specific degree at Weimar Institute. However, courses aligned with the mission of Weimar Institute may be used toward electives as approved by the registrar. The Institute reserves the right to require repetition of courses that have become outdated.

Transfer Credits from an unaccredited school are accepted on an individual basis with review of the course syllabi and after the student has demonstrated satisfactory academic performance in that subject area during their first semester of attendance. Courses taken at an unaccredited institution will be vetted by a faculty member in the related field. Credits may need to be validated by passing a qualifying exam before the credit will be granted. Transfers from an unaccredited school will be reviewed and processed by the end of the student’s first semester of enrollment at Weimar Institute.

College transcripts and course syllabi issued in languages other than English or on a scale other than 4.0 must be accompanied by an official and authorized English translation. The College English sequence (ENGL 101-102) can only be fulfilled by equivalent English courses taken at institutions where all instruction is in English within the United States, and vetting of the course is approved by Weimar Institute faculty in the English department.

Ninety transfer credits is the maximum permitted for a four-year degree. Weimar Institute reserves the right to accept or reject credits earned at other institutions. See section entitled Graduation Requirements of Academic Bulletin for further information.

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