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Vice-President of Academic Affairs

Overview: The Vice President of Academic Affairs services as the chief academic officer of the college and provides leadership for all academic programs in support of the College Mission and ensures academic excellence.

Education: Minimum of a Doctorate with qualifying experience.

Knowledge & Skills:

Demonstrate academic leadership, excellent communication, interpersonal skills, and good judgement. Ability to formulate and articulate sound policies and procedures, and demonstrate ability to identify, resolve, and counsel on a wide range of administrative and personnel issues. Possess a high level of organization, leadership, and management skills.

Major Responsibilities:

Provide strong, dynamic academic and administrative leadership, fostering an environment which encourages teaching and learning excellence.
Understand and appreciate the Mission of Weimar Institute and be able to relate it to all areas of decision making, consistent with the mission and goals of the Institute.
Work with faculty in the development of the academic programs including the maintenance of standards and evaluation of faculty and staff.
Provide leadership and oversight for College strategies and initiatives.
Provide oversight in assessment of the Student Learning Outcomes and accreditation process.
Maintain faculty, staff, and student commitment to academic quality, standards, and to the mission of the Institute.
Provide innovative and successful academic leadership and vision in instruction, program development, and administration.
Provide guidance to, and receive recommendations from the College Council regarding the planning, implementation, and review of academic programs, activities, and all related matters.
Participate in sessions with the Board of Trustees as needed.
Facilitate clear communication with the student body to increase student morale.
Monitor the annual College budget in areas of responsibility.
Participate in the planning of new facilities for the purpose of instruction and College improvement.
Supervise the recruitment and selection of faculty and personnel.
Maintain and develop a strategic plan to maintain the vision and execution of academic excellence in all areas of the College.

Medical-Surgical Nurse Instructor - Nursing Program

Please send your CV to [email protected]

Nursing Department Faculty

Full & Part-time Positions Available in: Medical-Surgical, Maternal/Child, Mental Health, and Geriatrics for the new Associate Degree RN program, approved by the California Board of Registered Nursing September 2014. Positions start June 2015.

Department: Nursing
Job Title: Instructor
Reports to: Chair of the Nursing Department


(1) A master’s or higher from an accredited college or university, which includes coursework in nursing, education, or administration.

(2) Direct patient care experience within the previous five (5) years in the nursing area to which he or she is assigned, which can be met by:
* (A) One (1) year’s continuous, full time or its equivalent experience providing direct patient care as a registered nurse in the designated nursing area; or
* (B) One (1) academic year or of registered nurse level clinical teaching experience in the designated nursing area or its equivalent that demonstrate clinical competency.

(3) Completion of at least one (1) year’s experience teaching courses related to registered nursing or completion of a post-baccalaureate course, which includes practice in teaching registered nursing.


A love of learning and the ability to communicate effectively. The Instructor must be a member of the Seventh-day Adventist Church and must hold an understanding of the unique educational mission of the Institute, using revelation as expressed in the Bible as the basic framework from which all subject matters are presented and evaluated.

Duties and Responsibilities:

The Instructor will be required to satisfy the Board of Registered Nursing’s “expert” standards for the area of nursing emphasized in the course. The Instructor will be a coordinator for the overall instruction in the theory, laboratory, and clinical components of the courses.

The Instructor will also function as a content expert and will be responsible for the overall educational content of the specialty nursing areas: Medical-Surgical, Maternal/Child, Mental Health/Psychiatric, and Geriatric nursing.

The Instructor will collaborate with the other Instructors in the assessment, planning, implementation, evaluation, and revision of course content and course instruction.

For more information please contact [email protected]

Business Program Chair

Overview: The chair of the Bachelor of Business Administration provides leadership and oversight to the business faculty, provides support to the Healthcare Administration and Organizational Management students, and reports to the Vice President of Academic Affairs

Education: Master’s Degree or higher degree from an accredited college or university which includes A Doctoral degree is preferred.

Experience: A minimum of three years of actively working in a business field separate from academia. Healthcare administration or Management roles preferred.

Personal: Will have a love of learning and the ability to communicate effectively. The faculty member will be a member of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in good and regular standing and hold an understanding of the unique educational mission of the College, using revelation as expressed in the Bible as a basic framework from which all subject matters are presented.

Duties and Responsibilities:

¥ Teaching a full load
¥ Student advising
¥ Student career counseling
¥ Student complaints
¥ Prepare Program Review Self-Study as directed by Director of Assessment and IR committee
¥ Prepare Program Assessment documents giving evidence of using assessment data to improve student learning at the end of each term as facilitated by the Director of Assessment.
¥ Work with BBA faculty to discuss/reflect on student achievement and how the program could be improved to better prepare students for futures business administration
¥ Advise faculty of requirements for program assessment and program review. Interact with faculty in the BBA program to identify signature assignments that will be used to assess student work within the BBA curriculum, required experiences and requires reading, etc.
¥ Work with faculty to prepare an annual budget of supplies/needs for the program(s) within the BBA program.
¥ Recruit necessary department faculty and support personnel
¥ Assist in raising capital funds for the program
¥ Complete the normal departmental and institutional administrative duties such as attending faculty meetings, textbook ordering, and coordination of the scheduling of classes
¥ Value the counsels provided by Ellen G. White especially as related to the Seventh-day Adventist health message and role of the nurse in sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ.
¥ Strong verbal and written skills with proficiency in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint
¥ Perform other duties as assigned:
o Ensure that all classes will be taught on a yearly schedule. Assign instructors to classes and verify that they will have an appropriate load for each semester
o Recommend and approve hiring instructors within the department.
o Participate in and supervise students for 6 hours of work education weekly
o Track, in collaboration with the registrar, students’ progress towards graduation
o Attend all required meetings, including religious functions, registration, extra-curricular activities
o Make recommendations for and update the academic calendar and bulletin as needed
o Prepare data and statistics as needed by the Vice-President for Academic Affairs and be prepared to present reports on the department to visiting committees
o Be aware of students on academic probation and track their progress with the instructors within the discipline. Notify the Vice-President for Academic Affairs, Dean of Academic Administration, Registrar, and Academic Standards of any deviance from plan
o Be available to instructors and students for mentorship, conflicts, scheduling and conferences
o Project development of the department and plan accordingly
o Be available to meet with the department instructors

1. Maintains personal growth and professional development through ongoing faculty development activities.

Men's Hydrotherapist

POSITION SUMMARY: The NEWSTART Hydro/Massage Therapist provides consistent professional hydrotherapy and massage treatments to NEWSTART Guests. This individual receives patient treatment prescriptions from the NEWSTART physician carrying them out under the direction of the Hydrotherapy/Massage Supervisor.
REPORTS TO: Hydrotherapy/Massage Supervisor, Director of Operations

• Provides therapeutic hydrotherapy and massage as directed by the NEWSTART physicians.
• Assesses vitals before and after treatments per protocol.
• Documents all care provided per protocol. Records required measurements (e.g.: hip, waist and arm circumference) per protocol.
• Prepares workstation in advance, being punctual at each appointment and performs services within the appropriate time allotted.
• Appropriately disinfects between Guests per protocol and restocks workstation as required.
• Effectively educates guests about lifestyle change.
• Identifies guests at increased risk for complications and/or adverse reactions; taking appropriate action, functioning effectively in emergency situations.
• Observes and reports needed repairs to Hydrotherapy Supervisor.
• Abides by dress code; Assumes responsibility for professional personal appearance.
• Takes responsibility for professional growth and development; identifying goals for professional development; demonstrating progress on previously set goals.
• Attends meetings and in-services; reading required information communicated through various sources.
• Participates in performance improvement activities.
• Precepts students and new staff.
• Participates in Patient Update meetings.
• Manages time between assigned responsibilities in an effective manner, e.g.: keeps work area tidy, assists other staff, maintains a safe and orderly environment, takes initiative in completing other tasks assigned.
• Performs other related duties as assigned.
• Conducts oneself in a professional manner that speaks well of Christ.
• Ability to work efficiently in a high demand, team-oriented, and fast-paced environment.
• Punctual, reliable and takes initiative.
• Maintains Guest confidentiality.

• Associate’s degree in related field or equivalent experience.
• Has training and experience in or is enrolled in classes at Weimar College in hydrotherapy and massage.
• Minimum of one year experience as a hydrotherapist or in a similar capacity.
• Maintains BLS certification.

Elementary School Teacher

Job Overview:
– Prepare students for academic achievement and growth while imparting principles of the Seventh Day Adventist Church through out lesson plans, appropriate for each age group.

Responsibilities and Duties:
– Teach assigned classes
– Plan lessons that help students see wholeness and relevance in learning
– Evaluate student work and return it to them in a timely manner
– Plan lessons that connect biblical principles to concepts about God’s world. – Be on time to all classes and appointments
– Communicate with parents on students progress and needs

Skills and Specifications:
– Be a member of the Seventh Day Adventist Church
– Be conscientious and responsible
– Display a loving attitude
– Practice love, joy, patience, kindness, self-control, gentleness, faithfulness, truthfulness

Desired Education / Experience and Qualifications:
– Bachelors degree
– Experience in classroom settings

Admissions Representative / Weimar College


Superior communications, organizational, and interpersonal skills
Experience in the area of admissions
Competency in use of technology in the recruitment and admissions process
Experience working in a multicultural context
Experience working with finances

Admissions Responsibilities:

Maintain student application process
Diligently follow up with each applicant helping them through the process
Develop a follow-up schedule
Maintain communication with student finance personnel
Provide detailed information about Weimar Institute and academic programs to potential students
Manage admissions email account
Oversee the Weimar Preview visitation program
Conduct college/campus tours to all prospective student.
Draft new admission and information emails/letters
Organize applicant/accepted student files
Follow up with students who withdrew their application
Assist students in creating a solid payment plan

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