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Medical-Surgical Nurse Instructor - Nursing Program

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Nursing Department Faculty

Full & Part-time Positions Available in: Medical-Surgical, Maternal/Child, Mental Health, and Geriatrics for the new Associate Degree RN program, approved by the California Board of Registered Nursing September 2014. Positions start June 2015.

Department: Nursing
Job Title: Instructor
Reports to: Chair of the Nursing Department


(1) A master’s or higher from an accredited college or university, which includes coursework in nursing, education, or administration.

(2) Direct patient care experience within the previous five (5) years in the nursing area to which he or she is assigned, which can be met by:
* (A) One (1) year’s continuous, full time or its equivalent experience providing direct patient care as a registered nurse in the designated nursing area; or
* (B) One (1) academic year or of registered nurse level clinical teaching experience in the designated nursing area or its equivalent that demonstrate clinical competency.

(3) Completion of at least one (1) year’s experience teaching courses related to registered nursing or completion of a post-baccalaureate course, which includes practice in teaching registered nursing.


A love of learning and the ability to communicate effectively. The Instructor must be a member of the Seventh-day Adventist Church and must hold an understanding of the unique educational mission of the Institute, using revelation as expressed in the Bible as the basic framework from which all subject matters are presented and evaluated.

Duties and Responsibilities:

The Instructor will be required to satisfy the Board of Registered Nursing’s “expert” standards for the area of nursing emphasized in the course. The Instructor will be a coordinator for the overall instruction in the theory, laboratory, and clinical components of the courses.

The Instructor will also function as a content expert and will be responsible for the overall educational content of the specialty nursing areas: Medical-Surgical, Maternal/Child, Mental Health/Psychiatric, and Geriatric nursing.

The Instructor will collaborate with the other Instructors in the assessment, planning, implementation, evaluation, and revision of course content and course instruction.

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Men's Hydrotherapist

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Job Description

POSITION TITLE: Groundskeeper
POSITION SUMMARY: Maintaining lawns, trees, shrubs, flowers, turf and irrigation. Fertilizing lawn, trees, flowers and shrubs, and spreading mulch. Trimming trees, hedges and shrubs, and preventing and eliminating weeds. Operating and maintaining hand tools, such as loppers, saws and shovels efficiently

REPORTS TO: Chief Plant Officer

• Irrigation: Maintains, installation systems.
• Lawn care: Mowing, edge sidewalks, seed and pest control, feeding program, aerate.
• Grounds maintenance: Weed, prune, pest control, fertilize; leaves, pine needles, pine cones, and sticks must be removed regularly;
• Students: Train students to be honest, productive workers. Supervise, advise, and teach them in as many aspects of grounds keeping as possible, while showing Christ’s character to them. Follow all Grounds Department
• Equipment maintenance: Mower blades will be sharpened every 10 hours or sooner. All equipment will be checked regularly (oil, filter, air pressure, cleanliness, lubrication).
• Clean campus: Sidewalks, roads, no trash.
• Tool maintenance: Clean, sharpen, repair.
• Grounds vehicle: Clean weekly, oil, filter, air, lube.
• Cleanliness (next to Godliness): Grounds, equipment, vehicle, shop, office, students, self.
• Coordinate: Spring clean-up, with other departments on certain jobs.
• Office: Prepare student timecards, clean, keep files, phone.
• Landscaping: Maintenance of landscape
• Firewood delivery: Take orders, load/unload, stack.
• Shrubs, plants, trees: Will be kept in botanical garden setting, necessary pruning will leave plants in natural state.
• Every Tuesday during the growing season, the grounds will be mowed, edged, and cleaned, as weather permits. Some lawns may be mowed on Friday as well. The grass will be allowed to dry out 24-48 hours prior to mowing. Grass will be cut in a different direction each mow in order to minimize ruts and scalping. During warm weather (April-Oct), grass will be mowed at 2 ¾ – 3 ¼ in. to minimize heat stress (Bermuda, fine fescue, and bent should be cut at 2 – 2 ½ in). The Academy campus is serviced Wednesday afternoon.

• Ability to work well with students and other employees
• Dress should reflect the principles of modesty and practicality held at Weimar Center.
• Clothes worn should be durable, suitable for work being performed, free from holes and tears.

• High school diploma – required
• College degree in landscape maintenance or related field – preferred
• 2 years landscape maintenance, design, and irrigation
• Seventh-day Adventist having a personal relationship with Jesus

Weimar Inn Housekeeper

Job Description:

Cleaning of all types as assigned by the housekeeping supervisor (i.e. bathrooms, toilets, windows, rooms, halls etc.).

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