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Jesus often warned of the dangers of judging another person’s life. While viewing that counsel to be valid, those who are involved in building a suitable staff at Weimar have accepted a sacred responsibility to be sure, as far as possible, that the addition of a new staff member reflects God’s leading for the individual and the Institute.

As you can understand, the issues involved in Weimar’s staff selection are vital ones, reaching far beyond the Institute itself. When operated in obedience to God’s will, it can influence the thinking of the Church about ‘outpost center’ ministries, Christian education, and health; it can help hundreds of young people transform their faith into a tangible, active ministry; and it can be a light on a hill to thousands who are searching among the man-made distractions of the cities for meaning and answer.

Weimar Institute is a beautiful vision — one whose time has come. Yet its success will depend upon the readiness of the individual staff members to depend fully on the Holy Spirit’s power and guidance. In this regard, all potential staff must be alert to particular avenues by which the enemy might seek to gain a foothold in Weimar. In communion with our Lord, we would ask you to consider your own attitudes in relationship to these areas:

  • Weimar must never project, or even imply, an attitude of condemnation or pious superiority toward any other church institution or program. Such an attitude would be a denial of Christ’s ministry, and of the ministry He calls us to as disciples (Romans 12:3-5). Weimar is a member of the body of Christ, and we realize that there is strength only in the unity and fellowship of the entire body, with it’s diversity of roles, gifts, and ministries.
  • We are most eager that Satan fail in all attempts to introduce a spirit of fanaticism and intolerance. Such a spirit would be suspected if an individual were to center his entire experience with Christ into a restricted area of ‘special truth’, or a narrow concept of obedience.
  • Such a spirit is also suspected when a person demands all others to accept and practice his concepts immediately, not allowing for the freedom of personal growth in others. While asking for a total commitment to Christ from all its staff, Weimar Institute also recognizes that the Holy Spirit nurtures each individual – spiritually, mentally, and physically — at his own rate of understanding. This allows us all to share an atmosphere of love and confidence toward fellow staff members as each one “grows in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.” II Peter 3:14.
  • Weimar Institute is, in a way, a miniature of the larger church, reflected in one institution the variety of gifts and ministries with which God has endowed the larger body. The Weimar staff will be involved in a multiple ministry of health evangelism, academy, college and vocational training, retreat ministry, and city mission. It is vital that each staff member understand and appreciate all the concepts of this multiple ministry, as outlined in the writings of Ellen White, before coming to Weimar. For those considering staff positions, Weimar is not a place to come to discover a mission. Rather it is a ministry for those who have already sensed a calling to its ministry, and who have at least some idea of the unique spiritual gifts which they can bring to such a total program.

In view of the above considerations, we would urge all applicants to complete the following pages with a particular frame of mind. Rather than viewing this as an attempt to persuade a panel of humans that one is suitable for employment, seek to view it as an opportunity to assess your own capabilities and attitudes. And since God leads people through information, try to let this be an occasion for the Spirit to reveal to all parties insights adequate to decide if this is indeed a heaven-planned match.

Getting Acquainted With Weimar

Weimar Institute feels a responsibility to each applicant. You must have a clear picture of the goals and procedures of Weimar, so that you can compare them with your own concepts before making any commitments. To this end, we are enclosing brief statements of the philosophy and goals of the Institute. We would urge you to read them carefully, prior to completing this application.

While it is in the design that Weimar will operate on a sound financial basis, it is also the design that Weimar will be a home for those acquainted with the proper role of self-sacrifice. Salaries will be on a general parity, and will not exceed at any time those received by regular denomination employees. During the beginning phase of the program, all workers will be prepared to receive somewhat less than that amount. As it is able, the Institute will seek to offer many of the suitable benefits that workers can expect. Weimar can offer the excitement of a new adventure in service. It can offer good fellowship, wholesome food, a moderate home (up to a point), and a frequent call to prayer. Economic security and comfortable living should not be high on the applicant’s list of priorities.

A Time of Fellowship

Should a staff position become open in which your gifts and training have prepared you, one additional phase of this application process would still be necessary. We call it a time of fellowship, because that’s what it is. We doubt that anyone would apply for work at Weimar unless they were dedicated people; so this is not a time to measure one’s sincerity. Rather it is an opportunity to pray and talk together, in preparation for deciding whether God is indeed leading to a cooperative mission together. This time will be arranged by the Weimar Personnel Committee in cooperation with the applicant. When distance makes a personal visit to Weimar difficult, a telephone conversation may, in some cases, be adequate.

The staff at Weimar Institute will always be small; yet this is a ministry which we believe must grow into similar institutions near other cities. God’s commission to this church requires it; the world needs it. If there are not staff positions available at the present time, Weimar Institute will, if you choose, keep this application for further consideration, either at Weimar or similar new institutes.

If you need to discuss any of these matters in person, feel free to call 530-422-7927 during normal business hours.

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