Institutional Student Learning Outcomes

Higher education is ever-changing in the twenty-first century. Yet, one aspect remains constant: the need to provide well-balanced and meaningful programs that prepare students for a lifelong commitment of service. At Weimar, our context is the global community, in that, we have been charged to give the Everlasting Gospel “to every nation, and kindred, and tongue, and people” (Rev 14:6, KJV). It’s our purpose to not only offer a conglomerate of coursework, degree programs, and co-curricular activities so that a student can leave a with a diploma in hand, but more so to prepare them for comprehensive health evangelism first and foremost. In other words, although our graduates will proceed to medical school, seminary, or other graduate programs, our main focus is to prepare them for medical missionary work: healing mind, body, and spirit in a world plagued by physical, mental, and spiritual maladies. Our seven institutional student learning outcomes (ISLOs) capture that focus.

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Spiritual Leaders

Students follow Jesus Christ’s example of faith-filled leadership by rendering love-motivated church ministry that magnifies the universal principles of the Biblical Ten Commandments in speech and action.


Health Evangelists

Students practice and promote physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual healing by leading in collaborative, community-based programming among diverse people groups domestically or internationally.


Critical Thinkers

Students investigate a controversy, problem, or question related to their major field where diverse perspectives are assembled, analyzed, and used to draw an informed conclusion that considers the influence of context, possible sources of bias, and a priori assumptions.


Integrative Learners

Students develop a Biblical worldview perspective as they effectively identify and integrate one or more of the key examples, facts, theories, or concepts of their major field as they relate to Scripture and the Spirit of Prophecy.


Effective Communicators

Students communicate the key (threshold) concepts of their field in both written and oral forms.


Quantitative Reasoners

Students solve quantitative problems and clearly communicate their findings by interpreting and representing quantitative information in two or more forms (e.g., symbolical, graphical, numerical, etc.).


Principled Workers

Students display a professional commitment to strong moral principles “on the job” and in practical learning experiences by consistently producing quality work, and exercising self-discipline, self-control, and diligence.

For more information, see the Institutional Syllabus.

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Campus life at Weimar University offers a unique blend of spiritual fellowship, academic camaraderie, and opportunities for personal growth. You’ll be blessed by classes anchored in God’s Word and teachers who care about your spiritual growth. You’ll enjoy outings with godly friends to the nearby rivers or ski resorts.

You’ll form life-long friendships while you relish delicious, healthy food in the cafeteria. You’ll work alongside teachers and work supervisors dedicated to helping you develop practical skills you can use throughout life. We invite you to come and experience what campus life can be when Christ is the center and everything revolves around Him.

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We offer BA degrees in Religion, Natural Science (i.e., pre-med, pre-physical therapy, pre-physician’s assistant, pre-dental), Pre-Nursing/Nursing, Christian Education, General Studies, Christian Interdisciplinary studies, and Business. In addition, we now offer MA degrees in Counseling Psychology & Wellness, and in Biblical Mission & Wellness. We believe education must be relevant and practical. Our students graduate not just with the required knowledge, but with the ability to use that knowledge meaningfully in their life work. It is our prayer that, through each class, our students will deepen their relationship with God and be prepared to serve Him.

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Weimar University offers students the opportunity to gain the advantages of a distinctively Seventh-day Adventist higher education experience without breaking the bank. Nearly 57% of our students incur zero debt and over 71% graduate with under $2000 of debt!

Intentional spirituality, stellar academics, and a strong emphasis on health and practical training are each a characteristic part of us. Our low debt rates make it possible for you to become a part of us too.

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The nonprofit health and education ministry of Weimar University, Weimar Academy, and the renowned NEWSTART® Lifestyle Program, blesses thousands every year both physically and spiritually. By giving a tax-deductible gift today, you will help provide Weimar University with new opportunities to heal and coach those in physical and spiritual need. Your gift will help others accept the gift of Christ’s healing and salvation. Thank you for your gift and for your continued partnership.

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Weimar University was founded to impart a knowledge of God to its students. In order to do this, we embrace the principle that God offers the best, most effective methods of education, and that only by following these methods can we be sure of imparting true education to our students.

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