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Health Evangelism And Leadership Training for Him (HEALTH) was designed to educate, inspire, and equip professionals and lay people to minister to those in need with a special focus on health coaching. Individuals, churches, schools, and professional offices can effectively use health outreach as the “entering wedge” of the gospel through a multiphase plan that closely tracks Ellen White’s counsel. In the HEALTH program, we show you how. The online HEALTH program was designed for the individual who cannot attend the on-site program. The online program is ideal for those who have busy schedules, full time jobs or who cannot afford to come to HEALTH.

Earn 15 college credits

The HEALTH Online Schedule

Leadership in Health Evangelism

Learn the different aspects of health ministry and ministry development and be inspired by the Cycle of Evangelism!

Principles of Health

Learn about the major Western Diseases affecting mankind and their prevention and/or treatment by lifestyle and other natural therapies.

Community Health programs

Learn to host programs such as: ‘Diabetes Undone’; the ‘Nedley Depression & Anxiety Recovery Program™’; ‘Cook for Health’ Cooking School & Health expos.

Lifestyle Coaching

Get training in Lifestyle Coaching, Chair massage, Hydrotherapy, Nutrition and Natural Remedies.

Religion & Health

Gain invaluable knowledge on the connection between health and faith from the perspective of inspiration (Bible and Spirit of Prophecy) and science.

Personal Evangelism

Learn the fascinating principles behind soul-winning, the process of conviction and the art of leading people to decision making.

15 college credits option available

Our students are equipped to:

Lead out in an evangelism cycle

Host community health programs

Effectively health coach individuals

Conduct personal evangelism

Assist others in the prevention and treatment of lifestyle diseases

Train and educate others in lifestyle and natural therapies

No more excuses!

Get the health evangelism training you’ve been called to do now!

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