Money or Mattresses?

When Neil Nedley MD, president of Weimar Institute, accepted a speaking engagement recently, he was posed with a question, “Money or mattresses?”

The Mid-American chapter of Adventist Laymen’s Services & Industries, frequently shortened to be called ASI, invited Dr. Nedley to speak at their annual summit in Denver on April 27-29. The organizer offered to give him an honorarium for speaking or give him a gift-in-kind of 20 mattresses.

“I chose the mattresses,” he stated.

Weimar Institute is securing new mattresses for the college dormitories as “rest” is one of the eight NEWSTART principles.


The mattresses were actually an answer to prayers for so many different people at Weimar Institute.

“We have needed new mattresses for a long time,” shared Chris Philpott, dean of women at Weimar. “Even before we make our petitions known to God, He is working behind the scenes to work a miracle and provide for our every need.”

Dr. Nedley said that with the increased enrollment on campus, of both male and female students, additional mattresses were needed. The gift was for 20 mattresses, however, Weimar actually needed closer to 80 mattresses.

“We lured you here with mattresses,” commented the event organizer. “We had no idea that you actually needed them.” 

“God is always looking out for us,” continued Dr. Nedley.

When jokingly sharing the story about the mattresses during one of his presentations at the ASI Summit, he shared the need for 80 mattresses and expressed appreciation for the gift of the first quarter of them. At break, an ASI member expressed to Dr. Nedley that she had been looking for a ministry opportunity and agreed to underwrite an additional 20 mattresses.

Dr. Nedley expressed that he’s pleased to have commitments for half of the mattresses and feels confident that God will impress upon others to support the purchase of the remaining 40 mattresses. In addition to the remaining 40 mattresses, Weimar Institute is trying to secure $1500 that is needed to dispose of the old mattresses.

The in-kind mattresses are coming directly from an ASI member’s plant without the retailer and warehouse charges. “They’ll be arriving someday soon on a big truck,” shared Dr. Nedley.

ASI is an organization of Adventist lay members who provide support and nurture for church programs from their businesses. The organization appreciates the health evangelism focus of Weimar Institute and has supported the ministries throughout the years.

“We continue to focus on spiritual healing and sharing the love of Jesus Christ. NEWSTART is on track to baptize about 65 souls this year. Last week, there were seven souls baptized,” Dr. Nedley concluded.