Weimar Institute Launches TCI, Total Community Involvement

Weimar Institute launched TCI yesterday (Sunday, August 6) with a special kickoff dinner and program featuring Elder Ted Wilson, president of the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists.

Student photographer Josh Kang, a sophomore pre-dental major from South Korea, captured a photo of Elder Wilson and Keith Dobbs, vice president of advancement at Weimar, praying with Marnie Mendoza, councilwoman for Weimar’s neighboring community of Colfax, California.

Fashioned after the GC’s program – TMI for Total Member Involvement — Weimar Institute kicked off a total community involvement imitative where every student and staff will be involved in community outreach one day a week.

TCI is a dual acronym – Total Community Involvement by Total Campus Involvement.

The launch included community leaders, church leaders, and staff and students from Weimar Institute…coming together to connect needs with willing hands and hearts.

On her first visit to Weimar’s campus, and first exposure to the health ministries of Weimar Institute, Colfax (CA) Councilwoman Marnie Mendoza said she felt inspired to be part of Weimar’s new TCI program and looks forward to working in partnership to touch the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of the community.

She also stated that she has family members who she plans to connect with Weimar’s NEWSTART lifestyle program, and the Nedley Depression and Anxiety program.

“We look forward to listening to God’s leading as we become active friends and neighbors to all those in need around us,” stated Narlon Edwards, the TCI coordinator.

The TCI program will become active with all academy, college, and staff beginning in a few short weeks when classes begin on campus.