Yes, it is that time of year, Graduation Season!

We are extremely proud of our students, and the achievements they have made thus far. With God’s help our graduates will take with them the education they have learned at Weimar Institute, founded on sound biblical and health principles coupled with practical application, everywhere they go.

We ask for your continued prayer for the staff and students at Weimar Institute as we continue to educate, inspire and equip young people for the service of Christ, to heal a hurting world.

An Institute On a Gospel Mission

Over the past few months, our students and staff have been involved in a variety of mission projects that effectively couple the health message and the gospel.These mission trips which we call, PAC time, (Practical Application Component) are integrated into the curriculum at Weimar Institute, as we believe that hands on experience is just as important as academic knowledge. Some of the places ministered to during this PAC time were: Lebanon, Nepal, Honduras and San, Antonio Texas.

These mission trips have been mutually beneficial, for those sharing the message of Jesus through medical missionary work and those receiving God’s love and healing.