End of Year Update

Dear Friends,

Despite the challenges of COVID, this year has been filled with God’s blessing, and I want to take a moment to review a few highlights with you.

• The Weimar campus has been a beehive of activity and is bursting at the seams with exceptional students. Enrollment has exploded and every available space is being utilized! Applications are at an all time high with energetic students who want an uncompromisingly scientific education that is unapologetically biblical and prepares them for a lifetime of effective service.

• For the first time in Weimar’s history, tuition plus industries have covered operational costs this semester. All donations are now funding capital improvements. This is nothing short of a miracle—for years we have been told this goal is impossible!

• A useful interdisciplinary bachelor’s program in psychology and education was granted approval by our accreditors.

• Weimar’s RN program—named by Nurses Almanac as “top tier” nursing program—is the only program in the 11 western states with didactic and practical training in nutrition/lifestyle interventions. Every R.N. graduate has passed NCLEX. The RN to BSN program now had its first graduation and is doing well in its second year.

• Weimar’s business management degree and psychology students are getting additional classroom space and offices made possible through the assistance of Marantha volunteers and generous donors.

• Weimar’s graduate school is now a reality and approved by our accrediting body and offers a master’s degree in counseling psychology and wellness. Courses are currently being taken online. This program is training students with the full range of cutting edge and extremely effective scientific, biblical and spirit of prophecy methods in counseling that brings lasting change in patients. There is no comparable program in the world. Other innovative graduate programs are in the works.

• The William Tindall housing complex (named for Adventist medical missionary pioneer and educator, William Tindall) is nearing completion to house additional staff and married students.

Pressing Housing Need

• God has providentially provided a creative plan for Weimar to quickly and inexpensively add housing for 28 additional students. With volunteer help, this expansion will only cost $550,000 and can be completed before next fall to prepare an army of workers, rightly trained.

But, we cannot start this necessary project without your financial support. Weimar avoids debt and cannot start until the funds are in hand.

Special Tax Savings THIS YEAR

This year, our U.S. government has allowed all charitable donations to be fully deductible up to ANY amount, this year only.

With the rapid changes now occurring in the nation and the world, I thank the Lord for this opportunity to support God’s plan for teaching, healing, and preaching. When I see the difference Weimar is making in the lives of the students, I hate to think that we will have to turn away very conscientious young people.

I invite you to partner with Weimar to train, equip, and inspire our youth to be Christ’s mouth, hands, and feet to heal a hurting world. I can safely promise you that your dollars will exponentially grow into the currency of heaven, souls for eternity.

Most of all, as we’re reminded by our Weimar Institute Chamber Singers in the video above, may we each give all that we are to God as we end 2020 and look to 2021.


Neil Nedley, M.D.
President, Weimar Institute