Seasoned Therapist Works with Weimar Massage Program

Carola Janiak knows a good success story when she sees it. As a consultant with the massage and hydrotherapy program at Weimar Institute, she’s personally witnessed the benefits.

Carola Janiak (in the middle) is captured in massage therapy educational programs during her recent missionary trips to Australia and Ecuador.

“I gave a hot foot bath to a lady that was getting a migraine headache and she didn’t believe such a simple remedy would work,” shared Janiak.

“I told her just to relax and try it.  I wasn’t even sure, but I knew God could take care of it.  During the ten-minute hot foot bath, the lady said, ‘I can’t believe my headache is actually going away.’” 

“We both became believers that day!  The modalities, I believe, are super tools that God can work through to help others and our belief in God as well.”

As a registered nurse, Janiak learned the value of the healing touch for her patients. At one point in her career, she worked as a rehabilitation nurse where she cared for external fixators, cerebral vascular accidents, Multiple Scleroses, and cardiac rehab patients.

“My personal philosophy on the value of massage and hydrotherapy is that these are wonderful healing arts which need to be shared not only as the great tools they are, but also as an entering wedge to share what Christ has done for me or whomever is giving the therapy.  No one can argue with a testimony.”

Janiak initially learned massage and hydrotherapy at Weimar Institute during the early 1990’s when she took a year off as a nurse to learn and work with the NEWSTART guests on the campus of Weimar Institute.  NEWSTART is an acronym for “nutrition, exercise, water, sunshine, temperance, air, rest, and trust in God.”

“The wonderful results that I saw firsthand changed my life.”

The licensed massage therapist, class of 1993 from Banning Massage School in Banning, California, claims Ephesians 3:20 as her favorite Bible verse, “God will give us abundantly above all that we can imagine or think.”

Susan Pellandini, director of Weimar’s massage and hydrotherapy program, stated, “This program provides an opportunity for students to do medical missionary work.”

Janiak expressed, “I believe that I can help Susan, who is doing a great job, to make the school grow and be more of a light to the community, and thus glorify God even more.”

With experience as a school director and CEO of Hands-On Medical Massage School in Redlands, California, Janiak stated, “We need programs such as this to play a big part in healing and bringing people to Christ.”

She said that she would love to see the massage school continue to bring healing to individuals and to glorify God while being the best program it can possibly be.

Pellandini said the six-month certificate program is approved by BPPE in the State of California. For more information about enrolling in the program, call 530-422-7923.

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      Colleen, thank you for reaching out to us during this time! Though the Massage and Hydrotherapy course is not currently in session, you could call the HEALTH office at 530-422-7911. They will be able to put you in touch with one of our health coaches that is trained in massage and hydrotherapy. Many blessings as you continue your health journey!

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