As a campus of health, spiritual wellness, and higher education, the leadership team at Weimar Institute is pleased to announce another new professor – Glenn Hill, DMin, as a Religion instructor.

glenn-hill“Dr. Hill is not new to Weimar Institute, but certainly loved,” stated President Neil Nedley, MD. He previously taught Bible classes at Weimar Institute from 2003 until 2007. He also graduated from the college in 1988 with a bachelor’s degree in Pastoral Ministry.

“It’s great to have our staff come home,” continued Nedley. “They understand our special ministry of teaching the whole person – body, mind and spirit.”

For the last almost nine years, Dr. Hill has been on the front lines of ministry as the pastor of the Elmhurst (Illinois) Seventh-day Adventist Church. In addition to his ministry, he was active in the communication department with the Illinois Conference of Seventh-day Adventists.

“We loved the work we were doing in Illinois,” said Hill when reflecting on his decision to return to Weimar. “Weimar is in my heart and it looked like a time that I needed to become one piece in a bigger puzzle.”

Speaking of puzzles, Dr. Hill teaches Biblical Hebrew, Life and Teachings of Jesus, and Bible Study Methods, and is scheduled to teach Greek and Hebrew for other semesters. “These classes certainly help young minds put together the pieces from the life and Biblical teachings of Jesus and how they are appropriate for today’s world,” commented Dr. Hill.

Dr. Hill’s personal world includes his wife Debbie and sons Austin and Jason. As a family, they enjoy reading and gardening. His reading ability includes Biblical Hebrew and Koine Greek of which he enjoys memorizing scriptures in these two languages. He’s conversational in Korean.

While serving as academic dean and a conversational English teacher at the Seventh-day Adventist Language Institute in Korea, he perfected his ability to speak the Korean language.

He received his formal education from Andrews University where he earned both his master’s degree and doctorate of ministries.

While being an avid reader, Dr. Hill also enjoys writing. He has articles published in the Signs of the Times magazine, Lake Union Herald, and Illinois Today.

In addition, he has written a collection of songs to aid students learning Biblical Hebrew that include the alphabet, verb charts, and pronouns.

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