Weimar Institute Educational Update

Dear Weimar Students & Parents,

We are eager to welcome you back to our physical campus this August. We believe in the immense value of an on-campus educational experience that seeks to optimize the development of your mind, body, and spirit.
Here is an overview of how we plan to proceed with caution and how your student life experience will be impacted:

  1. Each student will be served in an area of necessary labor. So you will not only be students, you will also be essential workers!
  2. There will be initial and daily assessments for COVID19. If you have any symptoms of COVID 19, please delay your arrival to campus until tested or the symptoms resolve. Call us for local testing possibilities.
  3. We will maintain physical distancing as appropriate and when necessary on campus.
  4. We will quarantine any who test positive.
  5. We will identify others who may need to quarantine, and provide places for them to do so.
  6. Students and employees are to bring their own supply of face masks and will be given guidelines for their use upon campus upon arrival.
  7. There will be adjustments made as necessary in light of state or government directives.
    A more detailed document has been prepared and will be sent to all students staff and parents.
    As followers of Jesus, our personal rights and preferences are secondary to His call to care for the wellbeing of others. Dealing with this situation is our shared responsibility and opportunity.
    May God will bless each one of you and keep you safe as we care for one another. We look forward to this August, when we can welcome you again or for the very first time to Weimar Institute.

Dr. Nedley

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  1. Joretta vandivier

    This morning there was an Advdntist minister & Dr explaining hydrotherapy but lost site. My friend has deep congestion. Can you explain how to do this? I do not have microwave to heat any cloths. Not sure about technics. Thanks

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