Weimar Institute Total Community Involvement Update

As we are practicing healthy habits and social distancing, we are missing our weekly visits with our community friends during TCI. Although we cannot be of help in our usual TCI ways, we want to continue to be of help in other ways.

Here at Weimar Institute, we understand that the community is looking for credible information concerning lifestyle approaches to boost immunity and
fight potential infections. Over the next several weeks, we will be releasing a series of brief videos that we hope will be of benefit.

The Weimar Institute COVID committee daily reviews data from local, state and national recommendations, and seeks to accommodate these requirements as we create these videos. In these times, we remain committed to offering hope and healing to a hurting world.

Look for announcements about future videos on our Facebook page.

Until then, perhaps the health tips in the video below will be helpful.

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  1. Judy Blixrud

    Dr Nedley
    I truly enjoyed your interview with Pastor Doug Bachelor regarding the carona virus. I have forwarded it to many friends and family. My daughter is a RN and has looked for studies on NAC but is not convinced we should be taking it. Was wondering if you might be able to send me the link to the New England Journal of Medicine study regarding NAC that you spoke about in the interview.
    Thank you for your continuing health ministry.

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