Please welcome Kirk Krueger to the Weimar family. Let’s join in prayers with Kirk and Maryann for God’s continued leadership at Weimar Academy and the Institute as a whole.

Weimar Institute is pleased to announce that Kirk Krueger will be Weimar Academy’s principal this next school year, starting June 30. Kirk comes from a family whose lives were dedicated to teaching and lead out in four academies across the United States.

Krueger holds bachelor degrees in Biology and Business, and also has an associate degree in physical therapy. He put himself through college working as a tradesman, and is passionate about high school students learning a skilled trade that can also put them through college. Krueger has extensive experience in building and construction and has owned and operated his own construction business with over 12 employees. He is also an avid outdoor enthusiast.

Along with his wife, Maryann, they have parented five balanced young people. Krueger has been a church elder and Sabbath School teacher for many years. He is a role model for juniors, teens, and youth, and has special training and experience in dealing with rebellious children and troubled youth.

Krueger’s wife, Maryann, whose degree in education is currently Student Success Coordinator and Library Manager at Weimar College. The Kruegers closed down their business in the eastern part of the United States and moved to the Weimar area two years ago, so their children could attend Weimar Academy. Currently they have one child in the academy and one at Weimar College. The Kruegers love the Lord with all their hearts and are known for generating energy and enthusiasm in young people to be active in all areas of life, not the least of which are missions and outreach.

Krueger is intent on continuing the high standards that outgoing principal, Chad Bernard, and his team put in place at Weimar Academy. Kruger will be very involved, starting immediately, in the transition of leadership as Bernard prepares to take up his new responsibilities in the Michigan Conference of Seventh-day Adventists. However, Bernard will remain principal until the end of this current academic year.