Weimar Granola Continues to Touch Lives

Several months ago, Weimar Institute shared a story of some Weimar-made granola and how it had made it around to the world to minister to a small community in Ghana, West Africa. Inside ASI magazine, the official publication of Adventist-laymen’s Services & Industries, picked up the article in their Summer/Fall 2017 issue.

Shortly after the story ran, Weimar Institute’s advancement office received a letter, donation and special request from Robert Santini, a 99-year-old gentleman from Birmingham, Alabama. He said he wanted to have some of the miracle granola from Weimar Institute so he could ensure he’d make it to his 100th birthday on July 19, 2018.

Keith Dobbs, Weimar’s vice president for advancement, purchased some granola from the Weimart that had been prepared by the staff at the campus cafeteria and bakery. Keith mailed it to him along with a letter of congratulations for his accomplishment of longevity. Within days, there was another letter.

Santini explains that he lost his wife this past April and she was almost 100 at the time of her death. If she had lived until September 20, they would have celebrated their 75th wedding anniversary.

He is especially excited about his 100th birthday. “My driver’s license will expire next July so I plan to go in on my birthday for a renewal.”  Santini said he learned to drive on a 1934 Whippet in Northern Minnesota and currently drives a dark green 1997 Mercury.

A retired nurse, Santini also earned practical experience in plumbing, electrical and mechanical work while studying at Madison College in Tennessee.   He recalls the first surgery during which he assisted, fresh out of school. It was conducted at eleven o’clock at night and “the only light we had was an oil lantern and a flashlight.”

“The patient survived!”

Near the end of the call, Santini said he appreciates the practical experience and Christian education that Weimar Institute is providing for students.

But then it was time to go back to more important things for almost-100-year-olds. He ended with, “I’m having some [of that Weimar] granola with almond milk, and maybe a little honey.”

Sounds like a great breakfast to us. With a breakfast like that, we’ll be waiting to hear what he wants to do on his 101st birthday!