Room to Grow

Construction of new housing complex. (Photo: Joletta Redd)

Weimar Institute’s current building project will ease housing shortage

With a record enrollment this semester and a subsequent need for more staff, Weimar Institute faces a housing shortage. While temporary solutions are being considered, construction of a new apartment complex to house the growing number of staff and students on campus began last summer.

According to Dr. Randy Bivens, Chief Operating Officer of Weimar Institute, “When we conducted an employee survey two years ago, the greatest need was expressed as ‘more housing’.  This major project is an answer to that need.”

The new building will have 36 family units and 12 single units. It is designed to contain full and in-house suites, each having three bedrooms with two full baths, a laundry room, and kitchen. There are also plans for having in-house guest rooms for visiting guest and program participants.

Construction of new housing complex. (Photo: Joletta Redd)

Housing amenities will include upgraded WiFi, full granite countertops and wood floors, a nearby parking area, storage, and noise-canceling walls.

Bivens notes that “this is the largest capital campaign that we have mounted and its success will determine future significant growth.” The project is anticipated to be completed by the summer of 2019. For more information about this project and partnership opportunities, please contact us at 530-422-7964 or [email protected].